You can’t be wrong

I’ve been in orientation (not real orientation, more of a “here’s how to be successful” orientation) for, oh, two days now and if there is one thing I’ve learned: no one expects you to be perfect. I’m a huge perfectionist and I still intend to do my absolute best but it is a huge relief to know that I can do a brief, come to class, have it be completely wrong, and NO ONE CARES! Not my professors, not my classmates, no one. As long as it’s corrected and I understand the concepts, I don’t have to be perfect, I just have to learn.

My second lesson has been the Socratic Method sucks. We’ve been exposed to it a few times and while I generally don’t mind it, I know I’ll screw up at some point. Apparently as long as you don’t do this, the world doesn’t come crashing down:


With any luck, I’ll be Socratic Method-ed on days where I 100% completely understood the case and rules. Ha, I doubt that will be ever.


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