Change of Heart

I’ll be honest. I started classes absolutely hating torts. It was boring, tedious, and I just didn’t like the subject matter. I started classes adoring property and civil procedure. Oh my, how things change.

As classes get more challenging, I have had a change of heart on the classes that I enjoy and classes I dislike. Now, I adore torts and hate property. It’s not that my like or dislike of a class comes from the class itself but the substantive matter of the class.

Torts involves two people. Their actions, motives, decisions, and thoughts all interact with the law and create a situation where the possibilities are endless, in terms of what the action could have been. I love the real side of the law and seeing how things could have been avoided based on how a person reacts.

Property, eh not so much. While sometimes property involves the actions of two people and their decisions. The big part of the class right now, possessory estates and future interests, is all about giving property away. It bothers me that everything could be avoided if something was written differently or explained differently.

Who knows, I’ve had a change of heart after a month, maybe I’ll have one again next month. Either way, I can’t imagine I’m the only person who hates the same class they originally did and loves the class they originally did.


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