Yup, that basically sums up my life right now. If it wasn’t for this hazelnut frap, I would be curled up in a ball in my bed ignoring the world.

My first writing assignment for the semester is to write a memo in support of a motion for summary judgment. It’s awful. I have no idea what I’m doing and am so overwhelmed by the number of cases and depositions we were given to go off of. I feel like I now know how a kindergartner feels when they learn to write or add.

It’s incredibly frustrating having no idea what you’re doing or if you’re doing something correct. I know writing memos and motions is a big deal for a lawyer and I very confident that over time I will be able to develop the skill it takes, but as of right now, I severely lack that skill. The worse part about this whole thing is we’re writing about injuries resulting from a hockey fight! HOCKEY! My favorite sport and it’s making me want to cry because I have no idea what I’m doing.

Today is just one giant BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO moment.


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