We’re all adults here

One of the things people don’t realize about law school is students are just as immature as always. Between gossip and giggling about cases, it’s a wonder anything gets done. One of my professors likes to say “we’re all adults here” to preface using an expletive or talking about a touchy case.

There absolutely will be touchy cases in law school. You’ll have to read about rape, brutal murders, seamen (the sailor kind, fyi), etc. To a normal adult they are things that happen on a daily basis and as awful as it may be, learning the legal ramifications of these things are important. However, let’s not forget you still have those immature students who hear the word “butt” and laugh.

It’s incredibly important that you conduct yourself in a professional manner and have a certain level of decorum when talking about these types of cases. Some will be incredibly funny and you may wonder why or how someone did something but being able to discuss a case without your immaturity getting the best of you shows that you are able to handle yourself in an appropriate manner. When in doubt of your behavior, ask yourself “are we all being adults here?”


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