No regret here!

When I initially took my summer job, I got some weird looks. I work for a legal non-profit (not a PD) and it’s not exactly a “traditional” summer placement. A lot of people thought it was a mistake because it isn’t writing motions and going to court. At all. Since I want to be a prosecutor, people got the idea that I would regret my decision to work here instead of at a firm.

I’m glad to say they are all SO wrong! I absolutely love my job. It’s difficult at times but it’s incredibly rewarding. My co-workers are great and it isn’t nearly as high pressure as firms are (or so I hear). I’ve been here a few weeks and already I’ve finished two projects completely and am working on another. People can say what they want, I love my job and it’s giving me a different look at law than most people get. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn all I can and see a different part of law I had never considered before.


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