How to be smarter without really trying

I finally have time without classes which is AWESOME! So I’ve been working on things I actually want to work on instead of have to work on. I’ve come to the conclusion that even the smartest person can become smarter and it doesn’t make a whole lot of effort. I’m a big fan of not making drastic changes in life; I’m the girl who doesn’t believe in diets. This is how I’ve become a little smarter without trying:

1. TED Talks has an app. Listen to a TED Talk while you’re getting ready in the morning or working out. It’s a finite amount of time, unlike music typically is, and you can get a TED Talk on pretty much any topic. I’ve started by listening to legal talks and have learned how to improve the justice system, what we can learn from death row inmates, and how your bad choices don’t define you. It takes me roughly 40 minutes to get ready in the morning so I can listen to 2 TED Talks while I’m doing my hair and makeup. The app also lets you watch the video or just listen to the audio with it so it doesn’t burn a ton of battery.

2. Switch up your radio. I love listening to crappy, Today’s Top 40 Hits on my way to work or the store. Consider it my guilty pleasure. I also HATE commercials and certain songs make me want to gouge my eyes out. So when these come on my default station, I switch over to NPR. Listening to the news while I’m driving is effortless and a lot of times they go in depth on things that aren’t exactly “news” but are educational and very interesting.

3. Read a book. I’ve recently started spending a half hour before bed reading a book about anything. I read through How to be a Hepburn in the Hilton World and am currently working my way through A Wild Justice I’ve started making Patrick read too though he isn’t as into it as I am.

4. Duolingo, Free Rice, or LiveMocha. All of these websites are fun ways to improve your vocabulary and learn a new language. Bonus: I listened to a TED Talk by one of the Duolingo developers and by using Duolingo, you’re helping translate the entire internet into different languages. I’m impartial to Duolingo for this exact reason. Free Rice is a vocab/language game that for every question you get correct, they donate rice to someone in need. I have no clue if they actually do donate it, but I’m an optimist and want to believe they do. LiveMocha is similar to Duolingo but allows you to ask other people for help and take lessons in many different languages.


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