My Life

A passion for law?

I absolutely love suburban life. I love seeing the moms take their kids for a run in the morning. I love people walking their dogs and going to lunch. I love everything about the suburban lifestyle.

After moving here, I seriously considered dropping out of school. If I got a job and paid down my loans, I could be a stay at home mom by the time we had kids. Patrick was less than thrilled about me even considering it. He didn’t care about me not making money or being a stay at home parent. He cared because “you love law”.

How exactly do you love law? I don’t think anyone really has an answer to that and I don’t think I ever will. What I do know is that while I sit with other law students and they complain about having so much reading or how awful law school can be, I don’t see nearly as many negatives as they do. Sure there are long nights and stupid long reading assignments. You go to class with some of the most ridiculous people. It doesn’t always make sense. But it’s challenging. Law is difficult and not everyone “gets it”. I don’t think even I “get it” but I’m willing to try.

I know law school isn’t all rainbows and sunshine but that’s life. There is good and bad and you have to find a way to live with it. I guess I do LIKE law; love may be a stretch. I just can’t see the negatives to law school. If you’re learning something you like, it shouldn’t be work.


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