Don’t take it personal

If law school has taught me one thing, it is not to take anything in class personal. Of course, sometimes you do get a professor or other student makes an off collar comment that hurts your feelings but it’s such a rare occurrence I don’t think it’s worth discussing. However, talking about cases in class or what you would do in a situation, etc. can lead to a lot of different opinions getting thrown around and you have to realize, no student is out to personally hurt you.

Today, we were talking about whether or not we would suppress confessions based on the due process test that was used pre-Miranda. The test is fact sensitive and there are a lot of different opinions on what is considered coercion or overbearing of will by the police to get a confession. It’s easy for things to turn into all out fights when you’re talking about sending someone to jail for an awful crime or even ending his life, but these people aren’t real. I mean, they are real people but no matter what you say, it doesn’t change the outcome of the case.

The point of law school is to teach you to think about a lawyer and sometimes that means having to fight for things you disagree with or are impartial to. That’s life. Bringing it up in a classroom is a good tool to use to make sure you are able to see things from both perspectives before you are out in the real world sending someone to jail. Law school is meant for you to push your limits and make you question not only what you believe but what the law says too. Sometimes, those things will go perfectly together and other times they won’t. I’m extremely grateful my professors push me to think in different ways.


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