Classmate encouragement

Law school is rough. I don’t think there is a single law student out there who will tell you otherwise. Even in 2L year, I’m being hit with some awesome Socratic Method questions. Granted, they are less frequent. That doesn’t mean they are any better, though.

Sometimes, encouragement from your classmates is all it takes to make it through one more question or one more assignment. A simple “good job” or “you can do it” goes a long way to improve morale and law schools definitely suffer from a morale problem sometimes.

Here’s a good example of how a little encouragement from people who truly understand what your going through can do for you. I’m in Secured Transactions this semester. It’s a tough class but I love it. My professor has been going over practice problems non-stop and, of course, with only 13 students in the class we are all bound to be called on. I happened to get called on for a tough, long problem and I was so confused on what I was supposed to be doing. (That’s learning, right?) In the middle of the problem, I looked over at a classmate sitting near me and all she said was “good job”. It was enough to keep me from completely losing my mind and I made it through the problem.

Honestly, I doubt she even know she was doing something so helpful to another student. Law school is competitive and sometimes it’s easy to forget that we are all people with feelings and stress. Encouraging other students in even the simplest ways is really one of the best things you can do. It’s not about being best friends with everyone or doing anyone’s work for them. It’s about being there to say “Hey, I understand. This sucks. But you can do it!”.


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