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This week was fall break. Patrick and I took a road trip to Virginia to see his moms family. His family is awesome and I had never met them before. His great grandma is 99 and is the sweetest woman.

So for the announcement. Because of his grandma’s age and mobility problems, she may not be able to make it to our June wedding. We decided while we were there to get everything set up and have a small ceremony. I’m officially married!

It was a simple, beautiful ceremony and I’m so glad we were able to have his grandma there. I still hope she can come to our June ceremony and see us be “Catholic married” but no matter the outcome I’m glad she was able to see her first grandson get married.


3 thoughts on “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!”

  1. Congrats, my wife an I did the same thing (court wedding before religious ceremony) but for school reasons (no shotgun wedding lol). I have to say it kind relieves some stress because you are already “married” even before the wedding. Like that Office episode where Pam & Jim get married on the boat. Congrats and enjoy your new life!


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