All shapes, sizes, and walks of life

Law school is great to learn about diversity. People from all walks of life come to law school for a variety of different reasons and it’s important to be tolerant and accepting of everyone you encounter. I’m absolutely floored by how much diversity we have in law school; not in a bad way at all. I LOVE how diverse my school is and how everyone truly embraces the diversity. I’ve met everyone from ex-military to stay at home moms, K-JDs, and retired men and women looking for a new challenge. Each person comes to law school with something special to share and experience in their past to enrich the class. Get to know people from all walks of life. I’m great friends with a K-JD, married mother, and ex-military woman. It’s awesome to get different perspectives on things and learn about their lives. You never know who you’ll encounter in law school but take advantage of everything each person has to offer to your learning experience. It’s well worth it.


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