The best, worst decision I’ve ever made

This is such a trivial thing that could probably be fixed by fixing my own stupidity but it is hands down the best, worst decision I’ve ever made. Patrick and I are late constantly. If we tell our parents we’ll be there for dinner at 6, it will really be 6:30. One thing I cannot stand though, is being late to class. I HATE being late to class and if I’m going to be more than 1 minute late and disrupt the class, I just won’t go.

In an effort to always be on time to class, I set my car clock and watch 10 minutes fast. Works perfectly. I can get in the car and know I have plenty of time to get to campus for my 8:30 when it’s 7:40 (but in reality 7:30). I haven’t been late to class or appointments all semester.

So what’s so bad about this set up, Cassie? I constantly forget that my watch is set fast. It’s fine when I need to be somewhere on time. It sucks when I’m in class and my watch says is 2:20 and class should be over. There is nothing worse than realizing you still have 10 minutes of class.

This happens at least once a week, if not more. The easiest fix would be to change my watch back but I like being on time and can’t do that if I think I’m actually on time. The next easiest fix would be to fix my stupidity with it, but honestly that won’t happen either, at least not in this case. I guess I can deal with 10 more minutes of evidence or crim pro.


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