The wonderful world of debt

Yes, this will be another somewhat serious post. Some things just need to be discussed and that’s just how it is.

Law school is awesome, don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t change my decision to go to law school for anything. By far, the worst part of law school is the debt you take on doing to law school. I know some people don’t take on debt going to school (jealous!) but I am not one of them. If you can go to law school and not take on debt, more power to you!

I’m not that lucky. I’ve taken on a mound of debt. With an out of state undergrad and a private law school, my debt is huge. It’s hard not to feel discouraged seeing a 6 figure debt total. Law school may not be the best financial move, but to me it’s worth it and that’s what matters.

Debt is stressful and it can easily control your life. Make sure you know your loans and don’t take out more than you need to. Know your deferral time, how much interest you have, and if you can pay on it while you’re still in school. The most important thing with your debt is to make sure you stay on top of it so there is less of a chance it will get out of control.


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