What a difference a few years makes

I still remember the first time I visited my law school. I had already decided to go to law school and knew I would only be applying to one school. If it was horrible or I didn’t get in, I would wait to start law school until Patrick was done with college.

I woke up early to get ready for prospective student day. I was staying at Patrick’s apartment and he had been up late the night before. I woke him up and made him walk me all the way across campus to the law building and he was NOT happy about it. I remember walking into the building and immediately thinking how beautiful it was. Dark wood, a huge staircase, a big open lobby with tons of windows. It was perfect. I took a tour of the school and immediately fell in love. I loved the school, the students I met, the faculty, everything. I was sold.

After I was accepted, my journey started and I began this blog. I think back to that first day I saw my school and can’t believe I can look around here and say “I go here”. It’s such an honor to be in law school and for me, I am so grateful for my school. We may not be in the top schools in the country category but everything the school has to offer more than balances out. I’m still as much in love with this school as I was the first time I saw it. Law school has been more difficult than I could ever imagine but never in a million years did I think I would find myself sitting in a beautiful building, surrounded by some of the greatest friends I could imagine, learning something I love.


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