When things slip through the cracks

Law school has a way of making people’s brains mush. It’s easy to forget things unless you have a system in place to catch everything. Even then, things still slip through the cracks. When you realize you missed something, it sucks. I’m the kind of person who feels guilty when I mess something up, even if it’s being late to an organization meeting or not making a phone call that day. I try to make sure everything gets written down but sometimes things don’t get on the calendar or I forget that they are on the calendar. I HATE the feeling of forgetting things and have yet to find a way to deal with it. This week, I made an appointment to cut my hair only to find out I had a VSLP meeting a half hour before. I felt awful being a few minutes late to my hair appointment but I didn’t remember the meeting until I was at school for the morning. It’s already a rough semester and I hate to see what else I’ll forget.


1 thought on “When things slip through the cracks”

  1. I know as a law student you are really busy, but you might want to find time to start working on is not being so hard on yourself. Learning to “let go” & forgive yourself when you make a small mistake will really help you when you start practicing. You are studying to enter a field that is, in most cases, win or lose. You will not win every time, therefore, learning to let go and forgive yourself when things don’t work out perfectly is very important. Keep up the great work!


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