The Quinn pups

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned, Patrick and I have two amazing dogs. I use amazing lightly because they can be completely infuriating sometimes but the cuteness and ability to be well-behaved far outweighs the bad behavior. We decided to get our first, Louie the chiweenie, about a year ago. I lived alone and Patrick still lived with roommates. We knew we’d be living together forever starting in May and wanted to move our life forward. For me, that meant a kid. For him, that meant painting a wall a different color. Eventually, we compromised on getting a dog and I found an adorable little chiweenie, now our pup Louie. In October, when we realized our future meant being away from home for longer periods of time and Louie started driving us crazy with his excess energy, we started looking for another dog, now Lena. Patrick really wanted a bigger dog (Louie is only 10 pounds) and a dog that could be “his”. After looking around and taking Louie to meet dogs, we found Lena (then Pipper) and fell in love.

Dog cuddles

Sleepy Louie

It’s safe to say, Louie is my baby. He is my little prince that can do no wrong. He’s hyper and crazy and still hasn’t learned not to get in people’s face. He has some anxiety issues but hey, so do I. Louie is just precious. He’s 10 pounds of pure ferociousness and has a big attitude. I take Louie to the dog park as frequently as we can and he HATES the little dog side. If he isn’t playing with the big dogs, it’s not worth it to him.

Louie in Winter

Lena on the other hand, is Patrick’s baby. She’s a foxhound beagle mix with a diva attitude. Seriously, this dog is the biggest diva in the world. We got her in November and have fed her every meal in her crate. Now, she won’t eat in her crate, only out in the house. We’ve had a lot of medical problems with Lena but now that she’s healthy, she is a great dog.

Sleepy puppy

Lena isn’t too fond of me even when Patrick is around. I think she has a history of abuse from a woman because she acts like she’s scared of me even though I’m giving her a treat or something. Sometimes, she decides I’m worthy of cuddles though. Lena is a really smart dog too. We took her to basic training classes and she learned quickly. She knows what is expected of her when we go outside or when we’re in a car. It’s great that she is so mellow and relaxed when Louie is a little crazy.


Having two dogs in law school can be a lot. I get the “You’re crazy!” look a lot. It’s busy but since when do I not love being busy. I love my puppies and the Quinn pups are wonderful dogs.


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