Things you need for law school

Law school is just like going to kindergarten. You have the same school supply list as you did for undergrad but in law school, some supplies are more important than others. Classes in law school are nothing like undergrad classes. There’s more reading, less “homework”, and a whole lot more stress. You can set yourself up to be as successful as possible with the right supplies.

1. A computer-preferably a laptop


A computer is critical to being successful in law school. I use mine to take notes, do research, and of course write papers. In my experience, there’s a half and half split between Mac and PC in law school, though I prefer a PC. Computers are also useful for taking exams. Most professors allow you to take an exam on your computer or handwritten. Either way works and it’s really a matter of personal preference. A computer will definitely make your life in law school easier.

2. Highlighters

download (1)

I’ve gone through an insane amount of highlighters since I started law school. Seriously, I should have bought stock as my mom would say. A lot of law student book brief, or highlight the facts, holding, rationale, etc. so they don’t have to write or type it out. I’m personally not a book brief-er, but I know you go through even more highlighters than I do. Even without book briefing, I go through a TON of highlighters. I use highlighters in my notes to mark certain important details, I highlight things on my to-do list once they are done, and I use highlighters in my planner to make sure I get everything done. Plus, highlighters make everything look pretty.

3. A nice suit


A nice suit is not unique to law school. Any budding professional needs a nice tailored suit to go to job interviews. A nice suit, tailored to fit you (if necessary) sets you apart from competition and makes you feel better. Who doesn’t feel awesome in a suit? When I started law school, I didn’t have any full suits. I had dress pants, I had blazers, I had blouses but I didn’t have a full suit. I definitely recommend taking some time and shopping around for a nice, quality suit. Suits for law students should be conservative (to appeal to the most conservative of law firms) and fit well. Keep your suit clean and pressed and ready to go so if you are lucky enough to land an interview, you’re all set.

4. Quality backpack and shoulder bag 

img-thing (1)

Look, law books are HEAVY. My constitutional law book was over 1000 pages and looked like the 4th Harry Potter book. Most days, I have at least 2 classes and have to cart all my stuff back and forth. Sometimes, I leave things in my car and I’m lucky enough to have a locker but having a good quality backpack that won’t break when you have your books will just make your life easier.

A good shoulder bag is important too. I go to court on a fairly regular basis and I have to bring in pens, car keys, legal pads, things like that. I don’t always have pockets and I don’t want to carry my backpack around. Enter shoulder bag. I have a Lilly Pulitzer sorority bag that fits everything perfectly. Sure it’s not the most professional but I firmly believe you can have a bag be a little less boring than you’d want a suit to be.


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