A day in the life of a law student

First off, I’M MARRIED!!!!! I’ll definitely have a long post about my wedding with lots of pictures but I’m hoping to get a few pictures from our ceremony first.

I realized today that very few 0Ls really know what it’s like to be a law student. Obviously, it’s different for everyone. During orientation and before classes start, everyone tells you how much you’ll study and how little free time you have. For us, our school gave us a schedule to follow to study with classes and everything. But, when you’re actually in the real law school world and learn how law school really works, it’s completely different. I can show you my planner and notes, I can explain how I study and what I do in classes, but it never really all comes together in a real “day in the life of…” type of situation.

I’ve been working with some 1Ls over the summer and realize that what you’re told before law school, isn’t really what happens. My days are different based on when I have class or meetings over my lunch break so I’ll try to make an accurate representation of a real day in my life. So here’s a day in the life of me:

7:00am-Patrick wakes me up to say goodbye before he leaves for work.

9:00am-I actually get out of bed

9:30am-The dogs have been walked and are in their crates eating breakfast. I shower and get ready for class and take the dogs out one more time before I leave.

10:30am-I leave for classes. I have a 20 minute drive to school and leave an hour in advance. That way, if I hit traffic or want to grab some coffee, I have plenty of time.

11:30am-Class starts for the day. Sometimes class is 50 minutes, sometimes it’s longer.

12:30pm-Our school has a built in lunch break so you always have at least an hour off to get something to eat. A lot of times, organizations will have meetings during this time and provide lunch.

1:30pm-Afternoon classes start. I like to have my classes back to back so I don’t get bored during the day. If I do have a break, I usually mess around on my computer, online shop, or write new posts. I almost NEVER study between classes.

3:30pm-I head home. I always go home immediately after my last class. There is something about being in the law building longer than necessary that stresses me out.

4:00pm-I actually get home. Take the dogs for a walk and relax for a bit. They are usually REALLY hyper so I let them run around and be crazy. I try to limit myself to one episode of something on Netflix just to relax after the day.

5:00pm-I start dinner for Patrick and me. Usually, it takes about an hour to cook so I try to have it done by the time Patrick gets home from work.

6:00pm-Patrick gets home and we have dinner. The dogs are in their crates eating dinner now too.

6:30pm-Patrick walks the dogs while I get some non-reading homework done (writing, forum posts, etc.)

8:00pm-We take a Netflix break and hang out for a while.

9:00pm-I do any reading I need to while Patrick does whatever he wants.

10:30pm-We put the dogs to bed and get ready to go to bed ourselves.

11:00pm-We finally go to bed.

This is a fairly common day for me. Some days, I go to work. Some days, I do work before Patrick gets home. For the most part, my life isn’t consumed by law school. Once you learn how to read cases and get what you need out of them, it’s a lot easier than pouring over information. I’m more of the type of person that crams for exams instead of worries about them all semester long. So far, my grades have been decent and I usually meet the deadlines I need to.

Long story short, if you have the chance before going to law school, actually follow a law student around. And I literally mean, from the time they get up in the morning to the time they go to bed. Even just the time they are awake and at school or home is better than nothing. It’s hard to really get a feel for what law school is like without living that life for a full day.


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