3L doubt

There comes a time during 3L year that every single law student I’ve ever met feels the exact same way: burnt out and over law. I sit here and think “can I be a lawyer?” “Do I even want to be a lawyer?” “I’m so sick of law” and wonder if I’m headed in the right direction anymore. Maybe being a lawyer isn’t what I was meant to do and going to law school was a huge waste.

I’m 95% sure that every 3L feels this way at some point during the last year of law school. It’s really difficult to be so close to the end and have this lingering doubt that the past three years actually meant something. Law is exhausting. It’s being nice to your clients, doing endless research, constant learning. Law in general is mentally exhausting. Do I really want to be mentally exhausted all the time?

Having doubts is totally normal. I feel this way off and on all the time. There is no guarantee that I’ll get into being a lawyer and love it. I could hate it. The last three years could have been for nothing. That’s the great part of life. Nothing is guaranteed and everyone is just going along trying to figure it out. I could hate law, I could love law. There is no promise of how I’ll feel tomorrow. For now, what I do know is that I may hate law sometimes, but the satisfaction of solving a problem and helping someone outweighs the struggle it can be sometimes.


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