Business cards


Today, I got my first business cards and I’m very, very excited! Business cards were not something I thought I needed until I had a job, then I got asked for one by an attorney. So, off I went to order some cards.

Choosing a business card is a science. It can’t be too crazy or off the wall, it shouldn’t be boring, and it has to give all your important information. My cards came from Vista Print who typically have specials on business cards. I used one of their templates to start and made alterations from there. I especially love these cards because they have quatrefoils, a subtle nod to my sorority days.

Figuring out what information to put on a business card proved to be more difficult than I thought it would be.  Of course, you have to have your name and “Attorney at Law” on it. Aside from that, I added the state I’m licensed in because I live very close to the Kentucky and Indiana borders. Then, contact information. I decided to go with a brand new email address that I wouldn’t mind if my clients had. My personal email is for Kate Spade flash sale notifications and bills. This account is only for clients or employer emails so I can keep my life a little separate. I also added my phone number to my cards because I’m the type of person that can always be reached by phone.

Business cards are a great way to show personality and market yourself to employers and clients. I highly recommend getting a basic card with contact information to make networking much easier.


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