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In search of Zzzzzzs

I’m a notoriously bad sleeper. From the time I was a toddler, I would lay awake for hours or wake up early for no reason. As a kid it was fine; I could sleep in on the weekends. In college, it was great; late nights, napping between classes, sleeping until noon. In law school, well, you basically have a caffeine IV. Now though, it’s different. Instead of sleeping in on the weekends, I have early morning walks with the dogs. Instead of naps between classes, I have marathon client meetings and memos to write.

I made a decision a few weeks back that I would try to get my life back on track. Since I started law school in fall 2013, I’ve been in survival mode-doing everything I can to keep myself afloat while doing what needed to get done. Now that I’ve graduated, passed the bar, and am (hopefully!) going to be gainfully employed soon, I decided to take a good look at how I live my life and work to become a better me.

For me, becoming a better person starts with being well rested and sticking to a sleep schedule. Aside from the situational problems with lack of sleep, not getting enough sleep has serious effects on physical and mental well being. Sleep deprivation can lead to high blood pressure, depression, and stroke. As a new attorney, learning the ins and outs of real practice and the law is a lot to take on. During sleep the brain commits new information to memory so without it, all my days work goes out the window. The scariest part: lawyers are the second most sleep deprived professionals!

Here’s my new sleep plan: no phones or computers after 9:30, bed by 11:00, and a morning walk with the dogs. Hopefully these easy changes can help me get on a better path to sleeping well and working toward becoming a competent, successful attorney.


1 thought on “In search of Zzzzzzs”

  1. I TOTALLY feel this—all of it, really. I also started law school in the fall 2013 and just passed the bar! I thought for sure sleep would come easier post-bar but I think I’m forever wired to struggle with falling asleep (unless I make a purposeful commitment to a sleep-friendly pre-bedtime routine, which, admittedly, I have not really done yet). I like your plan! Maybe I’ll try something like that myself.


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