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A year out

Finding balance in life is not an attorney’s strong suit. We spend 3 years putting off our life to go through law school, 8 weeks doing the same for bar prep, and once we’re in a career it’s likely any semblance of balance goes out the window for life. When I was in law school, I had a counselor make a point that really helped me re-focus my life after graduation. For three years, we live in survival mode. Everything that isn’t law school or basic survival needs goes out the window. Once we’re out in the real world, slowly we can regain control and find actually hobbies and passions.

Now, I’m out in the real world. Finding balance is not as easy as I would hope it could be. This coming February, I’m a year out from the bar exam and just starting to find who I am as a person. I’ve found I love cooking and can’t just sit and relax. I love running and being involved in the local community. I’ve grown in my ability to make small talk and help other people solve their problems. I’m more compassionate and patient.

Being out of the law school trenches changes who you are. You become a human again. At the time, three years seemed like such a long time but now that it’s over, it’s become a little blip in the map. I truly feel for those in the middle of it, but stay the course and make it through!


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