Journey, My Life

The Lost Wanderer

Ever since I was little, I’ve had a goal in mind. I knew I wanted to do to college then grad school and have this amazing job doing something I love. Once I hit high school, I made sure to stay out of trouble, get good grades, and find ways to pad my college admissions essays in furtherance of that goal. In college, I took relevant classes, made sure I was close with professors for recommendations, and worked hard in my classes. Then, I hit law school, somehow survived, and passed the bar. Mission accomplished.

I’m sitting at a place in my life where I’ve accomplished my biggest life goal. I am a licensed attorney with a full time (albeit non-practing) job. I get to take pro bono cases and help those who need it. I have a steady job with a good income that can support my family. So really, what is supposed to happen now?

Now, I’m tasked with finding this new goal. Some goal I can pour my heart and soul into in hopes that one day I will be successful. While the obvious choice may be starting a family or saving money, I find those goals are too reliant on other people. It’s hardly fair to put the burden of my success and happiness on a future child; or require my husband to put aside his wants and desires in search of my goals. Instead, I need to find a goal that only I can achieve, without relying on others for my happiness.

See, some wanderers are lost.


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