Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween!

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Legal News

-Murder trial of former University of Cincinnati ends in mistrial

-Suspension recommended for judge who detained kids for refusing parental visitation

-Judge blocks Brendan Dassey’s release from prison

-Police officer charged with manslaughter in shooting of Philando Castile



Back at it

Lately, if you haven’t noticed, it’s been very quiet at Gavel Unraveled. First off, I’m apology for my absence and look forward to restarting the blog in a more focused and comprehensive manner. Now, I’m always one to be open about what’s going on in my life and that includes the bad. For the past few months, I’ve been struggling with bouts or insomnia, chronic fatigue, and just general sickness. It’s been a rough few months and blogging was not in the forefront of my mind. Thankfully, after a few doctor appointments, I have pinpointed the cause of my illness and will be pursuing treatment! I look forward to feeling better and getting back to my normal life, including frequent and insightful updates here.

So, what topics would you like to see more of?