Legal News

-Democrats to filibuster SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch

-Minnesota law professor arrested for embezzlement

-Oregon Senate approves raising tobacco age to 21

-University of Cincinnati law dean put on administrative leave 


Legal News

-California attorney sentenced in kidnapping

-Federal judge blocks Presidential travel ban

-Judges testify against splitting 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

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Legal News

-Murder trial of former University of Cincinnati ends in mistrial

-Suspension recommended for judge who detained kids for refusing parental visitation

-Judge blocks Brendan Dassey’s release from prison

-Police officer charged with manslaughter in shooting of Philando Castile



Legal news

-Brock Turner leaves jail today after serving 3 months

-Second Slender Man defendant to plead not guilty by insanity

-Aurora massacre survivors must pay $700,000 after losing case

-Top prison currency is now Ramen noodles

-U.S. Judge blocks Obama’s transgender bathroom policy